Worldwide Distributor of Electric Motor Repair & Cathodic Protection Materials Since 1986

Worldwide Distributor of Electric Motor Repair & Cathodic Protection Materials Since 1986


Leading Provider of Magnet/Copper
Wire Spooled In-House
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Worldwide distributor
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Product Categories

Cathodic Protection Materials
Electric Motor Repair Materials
Switchgear Materials

Industries Served

Oil & gas pipeline
Electric motor repair

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Reliable Customer Service

We take pride in acquiring a reputation for exceptional customer service. Our team will do everything possible to assist you before, during, and after business hours.

Custom Packaging

We offer options to customize packaging, such as custom printed labels, boxes, quantity, etc. We welcome all special requests! For example, our CIS Survey Trailing Wire can be packaged in…

In-House Spooling of Wire & Cable

Advance Electrical sources all wire and cable directly from the manufacturer to ensure the highest-quality materials are used. Items available for re-spool: Magnet Wire, Lead Wire, Survey Wire, HMWPE/HALAR/KYNAR Cable,…


“You’re pricing on the wire we use is the best I have encountered yet. They go above and beyond to make the ordering process easy. Very quick to respond with the answer I’m looking for. I appreciate the level of dedication they extends to us. With the pricing and customer service I have received we will continue to purchase from Advance.”

Operations Manager

West Virginia

“Usually we don’t allow sales people from companies in our office. I went out on a limb and contacted the Conroe office of Advance Electrical, placed my first order and have been a satisfied customer since and will continue using Advance Electrical. Advance has saved us just in this last order $16,758.00 from who we used to buy from.”

Survey Dept. Manager


“Working with Advance Electrical has been amazing. The customer service that I have received since working together has been far better than any other company than I have experienced. They have always gone above and beyond to service our specific needs and requests. I look forward to a long relationship with Advance Electrical.”

Operations Manager


Over 30 Years of Experience

You can’t beat experience! Over the years, we have developed life-long vendor relationships that has enabled us to offer high-quality, reliable materials you can trust. With experience comes knowledge and practice, which is why we are confident in our products and services. We have the ability to work with our clients and their specific needs.

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NACE Beaumont/LA Gulf Section Shootout 2020
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NACE Beaumont/LA Gulf Section Shootout 2020
Vice President, Katelyn Blum, assisted with the NACE Beaumont/LA Gulf Section Shootout in November of 2020. We are honored to participate and look forward to next year’s event.

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