2710 Series – 3″ Round Body

High-strength FRP Insulators – Shatter, Moisture, & Flame-Resistant

​Standoff Insulators are molded of Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated (UL) Recognized flame-resistant fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound. Insulators 1603, 2015, 1461, 1872, 4610 & 4640 are UL Recognized according to UL Standard for Safety 891. They feature shatter resistance & closer height tolerances than commonly available in porcelain insulators. Moisture & heat resistance properties of these insulators are higher than those of conventional plastic insulators.

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Part #Height (In)Voltage Threads (Size x Depth)Box Weight (lbs)Box Qty
AR2710-11A2-5/83,4005/8-11 x 3/42018
AR2710-11AM2-5/83,4005/8-11 x 3/42018
AR2710-11AS2-5/83,4005/8-11 x 3/42018
AR2710-11D3-3/84,5005/8-11 x 3/42512
AR2710-11DM3-3/84,5005/8-11 x 3/42512
AR2710-11F3-7/85,5005/8-11 x 3/42512
AR2710-10D3-3/84,5003/4-10 x 7/8169
AR2710-13AM2-5/83,4001/2-13 x 3/42518