Pin Brazing System

BAC Pin Brazing Application: 

  • Pin brazing is used to ensure a safe electrical connection to different types of steel structures. The pin brazing method is well suited for joints between pipes, connection to measuring cables, installation of sacrificial anodes, test posts and many other applications


  • Most common brazing pins: Direct, M8, M10
  • The portable nature of the equipment means that connections can be made in almost any location above or below ground, even overhead
  • Low melting point of the solder (650º) and short heating time keep thermal effects on the steel to a minimum
  • Around one minute per connection
  • Wind, rain, and cold do not prevent the operator from working safely and effectively. Damp pipes pose no problem.
  • No special equipment or precautions are need for pin brazing operators
  • The automated nature of the process means operators can be trained in less than one hour

Brazing Pin Options

8mm Direct8mm Special XLM8 ThreadedM10 ThreadedM12 Threaded
100 per pack
100 per pack
50 per pack
Brass – 40 per pack
Brass – 40 per pack

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More information about pin brazing application: 

The pin brazing technique is based primarily on electric-arc silver soldering using a specially designed portable pin brazing unit, a hollow brazing pin containing a silver solder and flux.

Within a CP system there are a multitude of connection requirements for anode cables, measuring posts etc., being extremely versatile, the pin brazing system is ideally suited to this. Attachments can be made vertically, horizontally, or even overhead. If preferred, threaded pins with nuts can be attached or cable bonded directly onto the pipe by means of special cable lug which can be crimped on site or supplied complete as a unique integrally crimped attachment.