ThermOcap PC

thermOweld’s Ci thermOcap PC are designed to cover your cathodic protection wire connections on metal pipe and tanks.

  • Ci thermOcap PC is designed to adhere without spray primer. “Peel and stick!”
  • Thick outer shell desinged to resist puncture.
  • Folds in plastic allow the cap to conform easier to the pipe.
  • Butyl rubber filled dome for added corrosion protection for the weld.
  • Surperior resistance to aging shown through accelerated aging testing.
  • Adhere to Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, PVC, PP, PE, FBE powder coating, natural and synthetic rubbers, and Epoxys.
  • Outstanding shelf life, resistant to dry rot and cracking.
  • Packaged in boxes of 20.
  • Works with exothermic and brazed connections.
DimensionsPrimer RequiredApplication TempService TempAdhesion to Steel
4″ x 4″

Dome – 1.75″ dia. 0.75″ tall

Elastomeric Adhesive – 0.125″ thick

Plastic Backing – 0.021″ thick

35 F to 150 F
-20 F to 180 F
15 lb/in
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